There’s a special type of person who loves to travel by air whenever they can.

Whether for business or pleasure, they love walking through the airport, feeling the plane accelerating on the runway, that wheels up moment as the pilot increases the thrust for the climb, and even the in-flight food. They love it all. Some flight lovers get to work in the industry, maybe as pilots, flight attendants, ground crew, or air traffic controllers.

They’re not interested in road trips or cruise ships. They just love the blue skies and going anywhere in the world they can.

If you’re this type of person, I built Flightag for you.

I’m one of you. I grew up playing with toy planes and watching real ones fly in and out of Fort Lauderdale International Airport over I-95. Every day, I'd watch planes of every size fly overhead, sometimes rattling our windows with the sound of their powerful engines. That’s what sparked my joy of air travel.

Flightag’s goal is to help you travel in style and comfort. Traveling regularly is fun, but it’s not exactly easy! We do our best to make it easy by giving you stylish apparel you need to make your next flight the best one.

The heart of our site covers informative aviation news. We also have a booking service at, it can connect you with hotel/flight/car rental discount deals well-suited for frequent travelers like yourself.

Looking for your next vacation destination? There are also vacation packages available through our partners which you can reach through the vacation link on

We also sell travel gear for people who want to show off their love of all things aircraft, whether that love is for a particular aircraft or to demonstrate that they're an experienced and witty traveler. Gear sales are how we keep the site running! Show off your love of flying and support this site by buying a unique travel shirt.

Welcome to the travel life, and welcome aboard

– Flightag Founder