Virgin’s Richard Branson On Airlines Carbon Emissions Reduction

Virgin’s Richard Branson On Airlines Carbon Emissions Reduction

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Sir Richard Branson view on Airline Carbon Emissions

In light on Qantas’ pledge to eliminate long-term emissions, Virgin’s Australia Sir Richard Branson admits airlines must cut emissions or risk passenger ‘guilt’ and has admitted airlines must reduce their carbon footprints or risk a backlash from passengers, he also said sustainability should be the number one priority for every airline and every company.

“If any industry doesn’t get their act together on carbon, there is the risk that consumers will act badly against them – and they deserve to be acted badly against,” Sir Richard said on Thursday.

He did not say if Virgin will match Qantas pledge.

“Every consumer needs to make up their own mind on things like that,” Sir Richard Branson said in Brisbane.

“It’s up to us companies to get our footprint down and down and down, so people don’t feel guilty,” he said.

“We all feel guilty about certain things we do – it’s important that we all have an element of guilt and we try to balance that.”

Just last week Qantas Airlines pledged to cut its net carbon emissions to zero by 2050 through a combination of fuel efficiency and “off-setting” schemes.

What Virgin Australia have done so far to reduce Carbon Emissions

So far Virgin Australia has reduced its carbon emissions by 9 million kilograms a year through various fuel efficiency programs, its “split scimitar winglets” added to its planes in August is expected to save 160,000 kilograms of carbon per aircraft every year.

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  • Nov 14, 2019
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