Transat Distribution Canada Reopening Transat Travel Agencies

Transat Distribution Canada Reopening Transat Travel Agencies

Image Courtesy: Transat

Transat Distribution Canada reopening its Transat Travel Agencies. Canada’s largest full-service travel agency network announced the re-openings of 25+ agencies in the following locations, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

“The travel professionals in our Transat Travel agencies are very much looking forward to welcoming customers and guide them in planning their vacation in a new environment that takes into account this new reality that we must all learn to live with,” says Louise Fecteau, General Manager, Transat Distribution Canada. “With this in mind, Transat has implemented the Traveler Care program to ensure the health and safety of its employees and of course, its customers throughout their entire journey, from completing their reservation within one of our agencies through to their destination”.

Louise Fecteau states that “we have maintained our operations in all of our agencies in recent weeks, but physically opening our doors sends an even stronger message to our customers that we are there and ready to serve them. Furthermore, “as we have done many times before and particularly in the last few weeks, we have shared all the tools and processes we’ve adopted in our corporate agencies with our franchisees, to make it easier for them. They simply have to apply our recommendations to support their own operational needs,” says Louise Fecteau.

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  • Jun 16, 2020
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