Royal Brunei Airlines Awarded World's Leading Cabin Crew 2020

Royal Brunei Airlines Awarded World's Leading Cabin Crew 2020

Image Courtesy: Royal Brunei Airlines

Royal Brunei Airlines awarded world's leading cabin crew 2020. The prestigious World's Leading Cabin Crew award was given at the World Travel Awards 2020.

Karam Chand, Chief Executive Officer of Royal Brunei Airlines said "Earlier this month we celebrated both the 46th anniversary of Royal Brunei Airlines establishment and the award of Asia’s Leading Cabin Crew at the World Travel Awards. Today we celebrate a milestone that I believe represents another key step in our journey of sharing our story of Bruneian hospitality with the world. The seventeen airlines that were shortlisted included Singapore Airlines, Etihad, Qantas, Qatar and the 2019 winner, Emirates. In such a strong field, this represents an incredible accomplishment for our cabin crews to be ranked ahead of these world-class airlines and it's even more special as one of the smallest airlines ever to achieve this global feat.

We aspire to deliver the utmost excellence in guest experience, in our own Bruneian way and to have that recognized at a global level makes the whole RB team rightly proud.

This achievement is of course due to the dedication and commitment of our talented crew members who we celebrate and thank for representing the very best of Bruneian hospitality today and always.
On behalf of the whole team my sincere thanks for the ongoing support you extend RB. When the time is right we very much look forward to welcoming you on board once again".

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  • Nov 28, 2020
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