Google Adds Price History Feature For Tracking Flight Pricing

Google Adds Price History Feature For Tracking Flight Pricing

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Google Adds Price History Feature for tracking flight pricing. If you’ve used Google Flights in the past you have noticed only the current pricing. Good news, Price Alerts now has more helpful information on flight price history for you, Google Flights has added historical pricing data for over 275 days or more on some routes.

This is a game changer for travelers, especially if you looking for a great deal on flights whether you travel often or just one or twice per yer. As you can see from the image below, we have 60 days of pricing data right at your finger tips.Google Adds Game Changing Feature for Tracking Flight Pricing



It seems that Google Flights is aggregating a huge amount of flight pricing data on some domestic and international flights and they are slowly rolling out this update on a wide-scale level.

If you are using Google Flights Price Alerts, you may want to see if this update is available on the routes you setup for monitoring.

Using historical prices to help you find cheap flights.

This may seem like a minimal update, but it can be a huge money saver for travelers. You can quickly compare current flight pricing to historical information.

If you’re not a Google Flights user yet, we highly recommend you start using this planning tool for cheap flights and price alerts, it is the best way to get the cheapest flight possible across multiple airline carriers.

If the pricing history is not available for your route, keep checking. Eventually, the historical feature should be available on most routes in the price tracking.

  • Feb 09, 2020
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