Frontier Airlines Introduces Aircraft Fogging and Disinfection Process

Frontier Airlines Introduces Aircraft Fogging and Disinfection Process

Image Courtesy: Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines introduces aircraft fogging and disinfection solution across its entire fleet. The airline also implemented a new check-in process step for passengers to acknowledge and certify that they meet certain health-related requirements for travel. Additionally, Frontier has implemented a program to help facilitate social distancing on aircraft.

“We are strongly focused on implementing a variety of new processes and procedures that will further elevate our already stringent practices for sanitizing our aircraft and keeping our passengers healthy during travel,” said Barry Biffle, president and CEO of Frontier Airlines. “These efforts demonstrate our very strong commitment to our customers and team members. We want travelers to feel the same level of confidence on-board our aircraft as they do in their homes,” said Biffle.

Aircraft Fogging and Disinfection:

Frontier is using a safe and certified disinfecting solution proven to be effective against many viruses and diseases, including coronavirus. The treatment is effective in killing viruses for up to 10 days.

Passengers check-in Health Acknowledgement:

The airlines rolled out a new program that requires passengers to accept a health acknowledgement prior to completing check-in, this can be done via the company’s website or the mobile app.

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  • Apr 13, 2020
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