Finnair To Protect Customers With Several New Safety Measures

Finnair To Protect Customers With Several New Safety Measures

Image Courtesy: Finnair

Finnair to protect customers with several new safety measures. As travel restrictions being eased, air travel will gradually start to recover, Finnair is preparing to make flying as safe as possible for its employees and customers.

In-flight service has been amended to seat customers as far away as possible, plastic shields have been installed at service points and a no-touch policy with customers’ travel documents and baggage.

“Now that air travel gradually begins to recover and passenger numbers start to grow, we want everyone to be able to fly with confidence”, says Piia Karhu, SVP, Customer Experience at Finnair. “With these additional measures, we are supporting the health of our customers and employees at the airport and onboard.”

The airline is is now requiring customers to wear a mask for the entire duration of the flight. This step will be in effect from May 18th to at least until the end of August 2020.

“Customers will board the flight with their own mask and wear it throughout the flight,” Piia Karhu tells. “Also, Finnair’s customer facing staff at the airport as well as the cabin crew will wear surgical masks. We decided to introduce this measure because the usage of masks is becoming more widespread and they protect passengers from possible droplet infections. When everyone wears a mask, we’re able to protect each other.”

“We recommend that customers acquire a mask that fits them already before their flight, pack as little as possible and check in online or with a mobile app – all of these reduce waiting times and contacts at the airport”, Piia Karhu continues. “I’m confident everyone also understands that they won’t be able to board a flight if there is the slightest suspicion of a Covid-19 infection or if they have respiratory symptoms.”

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  • May 12, 2020
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