Finnair Removed Economy Class Seats To Add Cargo Capacity on A330s

Finnair Removed Economy Class Seats To Add Cargo Capacity on A330s

Image Courtesy: Finnair

Finnair removed economy class seats to add cargo capacity. The airlines has modified two Airbus A330 to boost cargo capacity. The additional cabin space will be used mainly for shipping much needed supplies in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finnair has made this transformation in support of the increasing demand for urgent cargo shipments.

“Functioning logistic connections are always critical for the world economy, but their meaning is heightened during the crisis. To ensure the availability of national emergency supplies, it’s important to be able to access goods from another continent in a matter of hours,” says Mikko Tainio, Managing Director of Finnair Cargo.

Finnair has modified two Airbus A330 aircraft for cargo use by removing economy class seats from the cabin. This way the freight can be carried in the cabin in addition to the cargo hold.
Image Courtesy: Finnair

The Airbus A330 is well suited to transport lighter freight, since the cargo is loaded through the regular doors of the aircraft and secured in the cabin with cargo nets.

“By offering cargo connections between different continents, we can do our part to help the world to recover from the impacts of the pandemic. Thanks to the demand for cargo, we’ve been able to keep more of our planes in the sky and people employed both in the air and in our terminal operations,” says Mikko Tainio.

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  • May 18, 2020
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