Emirates To Moscow and St. Petersburg Chartered Flights

Emirates To Moscow and St. Petersburg Chartered Flights

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Emirates to operate special chartered flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg between March 20th – 29th 2020 to repatriate Russian citizens. The Airlines will temporarily suspend its normal operations to Russia starting from March 20th until further notice.

The chartered flights will facilitate the return of travelers whose journeys were disrupted due to the global COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Only Russian nationals will be allowed to travel on these special flights from Dubai to Moscow and St. Petersburg, while the return Emirates flights will only allow non-Russian nationals.

Below the flight schedules. All times are local.

Applicable to March 20 – 29 2020 only:

  • Dubai to Moscow: EK133 departs at 9:15hrs and arrives at 13:45hrs.
  • Moscow to Dubai: EK134 departs at 17:00hrs and arrives at 23:15hrs.

Applicable to March 20 only:

  • Dubai to Moscow: EK 131 departs at 16:15hrs and arrives at 20:40hrs.
  • Moscow to Dubai: EK 132 departs at 23:50hrs and arrives at 6:15hrs.

Applicable to March 20 – 25 and March 27 – 29 2020, only:

  • Dubai to St. Petersburg: EK 175 departs at 15:30hrs and arrives at 20:45hrs.
  • St. Petersburg to Dubai: EK 176 departs at 23:25hrs and arrives at 6:35hrs.

Travelers are advised to contact their travel agents or local Emirates office to book these flights.

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