Delta’s Airlines New $3.9 Billion Terminal Unveiled At New York’s LaGuardia Airport

Delta’s Airlines New $3.9 Billion Terminal Unveiled At New York’s LaGuardia Airport

Image Courtesy: LaGuardia Airport

Is it really possible for airline travelers using LaGuardia Airport to have an enjoyable experience?

The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo says yes.
“We had to do it,” Cuomo flatly stated in remarks at the LaGuardia Airport’s new Delta Air Lines terminal opening celebration Tuesday. “We are better than what LaGuardia is,” Cuomo went on, even, to the audible surprise of many gathered to celebrate the milestone, referencing former US Vice President Joe Biden’s 2015 description of LGA as a third-world country.

LaGuardia Airport is finally going through some efficiency changes, 8 billion dollars worth of it. This change is long overdue with passengers enduring constant delays and never- ending construction, it’s like a sea of headaches year after year. The project includes four concourses connected to a head-house, the central part of the terminal where passengers check in and go through security. The facility upgrades will provide state-of-the-art operational technologies to meet the growing passenger demands. The terminal has new gates which will allow it to accommodate larger aircraft.

What can passengers expect when travelling through the “new” LaGuardia Airport?

The initial upgrade was finished in 2018, it was United Airlines new concourse B. Since then there has been some improvement in passenger experience.

Delta’s first concourse will be 105,000 square feet with seven gates that sits on the water on the eastern side of LaGuardia and boasts dramatic views of Citi Field, home of baseball’s New York Mets.

The new new concourse has more amenities than just views. There’s a nursing room and a relief room for dogs, an increasingly popular travel companion.

In addition, all new seats are equipped with an electrical outlet, passengers can now use their laptops or mobile devices without the fear of their battery dying or their devices suddenly stop working.

Then, there is dining. Delta has teamed with the airport hospitality group OTG, its current partner in Terminal C and D, on five concepts including beloved New York cult brands Birch Coffee, H&H Bagels and Juice Press.

Of course pizza, drinks, burgers, fish and chops will all be available with less hassle.

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  • Nov 01, 2019
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