AirAsia’s Virtual Allstar AVA Now Available On WhatsApp

AirAsia’s Virtual Allstar AVA Now Available On WhatsApp

Image Courtesy: Air Asia

AirAsia’s virtual customer service Allstar AVA is now available on WhatsApp. The airline’s customer service is about to get easier on the widely popular messaging application.

Chief Customer Happiness Officer Adam Geneave said the move couldn’t be more timely with record numbers of guests seeking support as a result of COVID-19.

“At AirAsia, we’re guest obsessed. We’re also a progressive, digitally-led company and our Virtual Allstar AVA offers a high standard of customer service via artificial intelligence.

AVA already handles millions of cases annually across other platforms such as Facebook, our app and so it makes absolute sense to make her available on WhatsApp where there are more than two billion users worldwide.

This year has been challenging for the entire aviation industry and it’s more important than ever that our guests feel supported and heard and can reach us via their preferred mode of communication.

As with any new technology, we continue to learn and adapt and AVA is only getting better and better over time.

Currently more than 80 percent of customer cases can successfully be managed by AVA, and the rest is transferred to a Live Agent who assists directly.”

AVA can be reach directly on +60 11-3516 5078 in Whatsapp or alternatively by visiting, “Chat with AVA” is available 24/7.

Guests just need to say “hi” to get started.

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  • Jul 28, 2020
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