Air New Zealand’s Skycouch Is A Family Favorite

Air New Zealand’s Skycouch Is A Family Favorite

Image Courtesy: Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand’s Skycouch Is A Family Favorite. Air New Zealand’s economy class Skycouch initially envisioned for couples, has quickly a winner seating for young families. The Skycouch went into service in 2011 and has since won many awards, including a Crystal Cabin Award for passenger comfort, the UK’s Design Week Award for Best Furniture Design, and most recently an APEX Award.

“The Skycouch is a row of three economy seats that fold out in a flat, flexible space for customers to stretch out, revolutionizing long-haul travel in economy,” says Anna Cross, Air New Zealand’s external communications manager. “The product is particularly popular with families, as it can offer space for two small children to lie down side by side or to use as a play area.” When the sidewall armrest is up, Skycouch measures 61 inches, and when the cushion and leg rest are combined, the approximate seat depth is 29 inches.

Skycouch is located in the forward economy cabin of Air New Zealand’s Boeing 777 and 787-9 aircraft, Skycouch was initially marketed to couples, but when it found popularity among young families, “updates were made with them in mind,” Cross says.

Air New Zealand added an infant harness belt and pod to Skycouch in March last year. This allows infants to remain lying down during long-haul cruising. Also, the Skycouch Cuddle Belt has been updated to accommodate two children.

The Skycouch has been licensed to other carriers such as Air Austral, which installed the Skycouch on its 777-300ERS jets and Azul, which installed the Skysofa version on its Airbus A330-200 fleet.

Other airlines has implemented “variants” of it to assist with passenger comfort.

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  • Jan 03, 2020
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