Air France Pilots Are Ready To Take To The Air

Air France Pilots Are Ready To Take To The Air

Image Courtesy: Air France

Air France pilots are ready to take to the air. With the gradual resumption of flight operations, the airline pilots are ready for the cockpit. Air France is currently operating 75 out of their  224 planes, while 2,300 of 4,000 Air France pilots are currently at the controls.

For the pilots who were unable to fly during the Covid-19 crisis, Air France has set up a major cockpit reintegration program to maintain the skills of their highly qualified pilots at the highest possible level.

Jean Fernandez, EVP Flight Operations at Air France, stated: “In this exceptional context, where most of our aircraft are still grounded, we have maintained a permanent link with all our pilots. We know that our customers’ priority is flight safety, and for us this is absolutely essential. We are ready, and everything is being done to ensure we return to service in the best possible conditions and to guarantee everyone a safe trip. Our pilots are passionate about what they do, at our customers’ service.”

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  • Jun 01, 2020
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