5 Top Things You Must Do Before You Board a Plane To Your Destination

5 Top Things You Must Do Before You Board a Plane To Your Destination

Five top things you must do before you board a plane on your next trip to your favorite destination. Slow highways? Clogged ramp to the departure terminal? Inefficient curbside check in? Broken check-in machines? TSA agents delay? Overpriced water and food? or packed check-in counter and ultimately disappearing legroom?

Today’s flying experience is getting harder to be comfortable at 35,000 feet. You probably noticed a while ago of fewer or no amenities like free cabin baggage or blankets.

Here are 5 top strategies every traveler can use for a more peaceful experience whether you’re flying Daytona Beach, Florida or to London.

Download and Use Your Airline’s App
There is no reason to wait at the check-in lines if you’re not checking in baggage. Use the app for a faster check-in then head straight to security. This will give you more time charge your wireless device, use the restroom or grab your favorite Aviation Themed T-Shirt or Hoodie.

Get The Airline Credit Card
Even if you don’t fly enough to earn premium status, membership have its privileges, including free checked bags and priority boarding. The Flightag crew uses Delta Airlines as much as we can and always enjoy the free checked bags. Remember those overhead bins? they will most likely be full and not available if you board late.

Check In 24 Hours Before Your Flight
You’re more likely to get a seat of your choice, Whether you like a window or an aisle seat.

Use The Airport Restroom Before Boarding
There is nothing more pressuring than being on board a plane and having to wait to use the restroom while someone else is inside and you have to go. Avoid drinking large amounts of liquids (if you can) before boarding the plane.

Measure And Weigh Your Bags Before Heading To The Airport
It pays to invest in a travel digital scale. There are numerous affordable options on Amazon.com. Many airlines have strict limits and will gladly take your money if you exceed those limits. Be sure you understand standard versus metric.


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  • Jan 20, 2020
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